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Corporate Sponsorship E-Payments ™

The Corporate Sponsorship E-Payments™ is a unique online-fundraising platform that allows sponsors to pay organizations, thereby allowing the sponsors to be recognized by having their business contact information displayed online. (click here to see live demo)
The program can accommodate For-Profit Organizations and Non-Profit Organizations.
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   click here to view For-Profit Brochure
Sponsors can be acknowledged by having their contact information displayed online.
Allow your sponsors to set up recurring payments to you using any major credit card or PayPal.
Corporate Sponsorship E-Payments ™ come in a HTML version and also a FLASH version.
Compatible with all major mobile devices including the iphone, ipad, blackberry, droid, etc.
An Environmentally Friendly process.
No Cost to enroll (Low Transaction % Fee)
No Monthly Fee; No Setup Fee

Simply adding a link to your existing website is all it takes.

Non-Profit Organizations:

Generally, Non-Profit Organizations can receive tax-exempt contributions, while sponsors' contributions are fully tax-deductible. (the program includes special features and safeguards to help Non-Profits adhere to Federal Tax Law)

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